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Image architects and character development experts for when the right look is not only strategic, it's expected.

Fashion Photography
Editorial Styling

Commercial print, digital and Meta. Seasoned, researched-based, and professional. Committed to the highest standards for client service and production.

Young Dancers
Celebrity Performances

Stage and show styling for celebrity singers, dancers, comedians, DJ's, and other talent performers. Sourcing, fittings, alterations*, repairs, and concepts.

*Are you currently experiencing a production-related wardrobe emergency? Tap "Fashion 911" to be connected to someone in production.

Mobile users, scroll down.

Motivational Speaker
Press & Appearances

Press conferences, TEDX Talks, speeches, public appearances. Fittings, concepts and strategic wardrobe styling according to plan.

Behind the Scenes
Film & Video Styling

On set and on location film and video styling. Wardrobe styling, management, coordination, or assistance. Additional services include sourcing, product seeding, designer showroom tours and introductions (Italy, France, Spain).

VIP Events
Afternoon Cocktail

VIP and celebrity event styling for Galas, Fashion Week, publicity events, fundraisers, awards shows, and more. Concepts, fittings, sourcing, strategy, and wardrobe management. 

Ceramic Vase
Prop Styling

Product or set styling for still life, editorial, and video. Prop sourcing, styling, concepts, seeding, and strategy. Designer introductions and showroom tours. 

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